Reflective FAITH Model Prayer Journal Free Shipping

Reflective FAITH Model Prayer Journal



Have you ever wanted to have a better prayer life but we’re unsure of where to start? Or once you get started praying do you become distracted? I want to help because I have been there too! Most of us know developing a consistent prayer life is vital to our spiritual growth and our relationship with God but need a little help to get started. That’s why I have created this FAITH Model & Prayer Journal. It will give you a framework for starting and developing a more consistent prayer life.

What others are saying about this product:

“This is really beautiful. I like the richness of the varied opportunities. It is very classy.” ~ Lisa

“Loved this!!! Loved the distraction dock, totally my favorite. I love how you incorporated sermon notes to it and the page descriptions were so helpful.” ~ Shanelle

What you get:

  • 12 Week Full color  prayer journal measuring 5.5″ x 8.5″.
  • FAITH Model of prayer and FAITH Bookmark
  • Tips page and Page Descriptions and Instructions.
  • Sermon Notes pages.
  • Weekly Prayer Plan pages.
  • Daily Prayer pages.
  • Praise pages.
  • Share a Prayer pages.
  • Free Shipping

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