Beautiful Brave Women Water Color Quote Print

Beautiful Brave Women Water Color Quote Print



“beautiful brave courageous strong women encourage other women to be their own courageous brave beautiful strong selves”

Remind yourself to be the kind of woman who draws the best out of those around you!

In a world where we can become easily overwhelmed and distracted, listen for the truest voice. Don’t let the world drown out what you know to be good.

Printable in 14 different sizes!
 Inspirational artwork for the minimalist, perfect for home décor or your crafty endeavors.

You are purchasing three high quality .pdf files ready to print in the following ratios and sizes:
*Ratio 2:3 for sizes:
 20×30 in ~ 16×24 in ~ 12×18 in ~ 8×12 in ~ 4×6 in
*Ratio 3:4 for sizes: 
18×24 in ~ 15×20 in ~12×16 in ~ 9×12 in ~ 6×8 in
*Ratio 4:5 for sizes:
 16×20 in ~ 12×15 in ~ 8×10 in ~ 4×5 in

This is a PRINTABLE, DIGITAL DOWNLOAD. There is NO physical product included.

Being remade requests you please do not share, give away or distribute the original digital files, in part or in whole, in any way or use them in an electronic format that allows it to be easily copied, downloaded, and/or re-distributed. You may use your download in the physical creation of your home decor or handmade products.

Please note that white backgrounds print clear so if you print them on a colored paper or transfer, the white color will be replaced by the color of the background you are using. Colors will vary from printer to printer and monitor to monitor. Quality of printing is also subject to variations based on printing supplies used.

You are welcome to print your file at home or through any printing service you choose.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have & thanks for stopping by Being Remade!


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